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Margaret Graham is married to Dick, has 4 children and 5 grandchildren. She is a bestselling author writing under the names of Margaret Graham, Milly Adams and Annie Clarke. Her novels have been published in the UK, Europe and the USA, so says the publisher’s blurb, and it's about right.

She co-researched a television documentary which grew out of her novel Canopy of Silence and has written many short stories. Margaret has also written a couple of plays, and a very short panto in which she, of course, starred.

Margaret is also Editor of Frost Magazine , and leads a brilliant team.

Below are some of her book reviews...
"A delightful novel, full of sympathy, understanding and drama…" - Tim Manderson, Publishing News
"Vivid, sensous, warm-hearted, ... a most impressive literary debut" - Barry Unsworth Booker prize winner
"Superior and moving writing marks out this memorable story" - The Daily Mail
She is working on a cosy crime at the moment, which amuses her greatly but she is aware she loves her own jokes. Dick wonders if Tilda Temple, the star, is perhaps the woman Margaret would have liked to have been: baking superb cakes and sleuthing as she does it. He prefers not to extend that thought to the handsome love interest.
Misadventures of Margaret & Dick
Margaret and Dick's everyday life contains far too many mishaps which, when written up, Margaret's long suffering facebook friends seem to enjoy. Ever obedient, Margaret has responded to requests for a collection, the first part of which is a click or tap away...
The Misadventures of Margaret and Dick